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Prices are per person and subject to change if not already enumerated in a Signed Proposal. 

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HINT #1:

Putting a Priority list together will help you have the reception that YOU want. For example, if you love a venue's character as defined by it's decor, why would you even consider draping the walls?


Please note that the downtown venues are the most expensive primarily due to their proximity to the tourist traps.  Followed by the Northwest Suburbs in terms of price. Your best value will always be something close to home (google figured out that most people shop local).  The best venues for reasonable pricing and exceptional food quality are just outside the tourist traps.


1st Secret: You have never organized an event this large before, what do you do?
I.   Determine your guest count. Many people use the "invite only the people that you know are going to be in your life in the next five years" rule

II.  Determine what dollar amount would like to spend in total on the event.  

III. Determine a priority list of what is most important, for example:

      A. Dinner

​           i.   Family Style; or

           ii.  Plated

      B. Bar

​         i.     House Bar

         ii.    Branded Bar

         iii.   Premium Branded Bar

     C. Cake

          i.   Traditional tiered cake

          ii.  Cupcakes 

      D. Passed hors d'Oeuvres

      E. Decorated Sweets Table

      F. Late Night Snack

      G. Decor

            i.  Theme Covered Chairs

            ii.  Theme Dressed Table linens

            iii. Centerpiece

            iv. Wall Draping - transforms a "plain jane" venue into a something more suitable to your tastes.


2nd Secret: Why aren't venues responding to my emails?

Emails often get routed to the Clutter/Spam/Junk email boxes especially if you are using a third party intermediary like Wedding Wire or The Knot.  Sometimes it's best to send an email directly from your email account. Moreover, venues get bombarded with email requests each day and it takes far more time to respond to an email than to a phone call. 

Accordingly, place a PHONE CALL to as many venues as possible and ask about pricing. ​Many venues will not want to discuss pricing over the phone, and if they do discuss pricing, the pricing will be a very basic price designed to get you in the door so that the professional sales people can take over.  A "reverse engineering" strategy works well in this situation,

          "Good Morning (Afternoon, Evening), I'm looking for a venue to host my wedding reception.  

          I have a budget of $X thousand***; and

          I am expecting Y guests.

          What would your venue be able to offer me?" and  hope that they give you some valuable information.

***When offering your budget, use the amount that you would actually like to spend on the reception.  Refrain from using a smaller budget number than your actual budget number - you will save yourself a lot of time.


3rd Secret: When is the best time for the Food Tasting?
Many people make the mistake of asking for a food tasting after the contract is signed.  This is the worst time to do a tasting since if you do not like the food, then it is too late to get out of the contract.  

If your priority is the Price Per Person over Food Quality  then do not even waste your time with a tasting - there is too much to do!

However, if the Quality of the Food takes priority over everything else, then here is my recommendation:

  1. try the food BEFORE you sign the contract; AND
  2. on a day when there is an event in progress.  

Most venues have a spare room, employee dining area, an office or a patio where you should be able to taste the food without inconveniencing the current event.  You will want to be served immediately after the event is served with the food coming out of the ovens in the same manner that you will be served on the day of your event.   

The 2nd worst time for a tasting is to arrange for a tasting when there is no event in progress and the chef is cooking any and every thing at your every whim. Of course it is going to be great! Cooking for 2 people is EASY compared to cooking for 50, 75, 100, 200, 300 people.  Thus you will want to try the food in the same setting as your event.  

Please note, that your goal is to determine if the food is great, good, will do, or not at all too your liking.  

In short, Banquets at the Mayor's Mansion offers tastings on days that we have events in progress and an available room. Tasting items will consist of the food that we are cooking for the event.  There is a $30/charge for each person attending each tasting.  Alternatively, you could always cater for a small house party with the specific items that you would like to taste - however, this is best done after you have the initial tasting at the venue.