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Our history

John Wentworth (1815-1888), a mayor of Chicago AND an Illinois Congressman about the time that Abraham Lincoln was president, lived in his country mansion situated on the exact footprint of where we operate our boutique banquet venue today.  

Wentworth owned 5,000 acres in what is now Summit, Illinois, the neighborhoods of Garfield Ridge and Clearing on Chicago's far southwest side, as well as Bridgeview and Willow Springs. Wentworth entertained many of the era's political giants, both national and international.  The Prince of Whales is known to have paid Wentworth a visit at his mansion.

Chicago, Wisconsin ???

Wentworth's importance in history stems from his crucial vote in determining whether Chicago would be part of Illinois or whether Chicago would be part of Wisconsin. Wisconsin's "powers that be" offered (today it would be called a bribe" ) a seat in the United States Senate if Wentworth were to vote for Chicago to be a part of Wisconsin.  Wentworth was not interested. 

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Your Special Occasion

Historical venue, great food, outstanding service, convenient location and a well stocked bar - all the ingredients for a great event.  We invite you to stop by for a visit and experience for yourself all the why our clients and their guests continue to make the Mayor's Mansion their "go to" place for all of their life's events.

Historical Venue in Chicago