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How to determine (guess at) the number

of attendees for the funeral luncheon...

  • List all immediate family members, spouses, children, and grandchildren that you are certain will be attending the service (this is usually listed in the obituary);
  • Add in extended family members that you expect will be attending the service; and
  • Finally add in very close friends of the dearly departed.


POLISH - CBS Comfort Menu $19.99/person
Beverages, Sales Taxes and Gratuities (Service Charges) are additional

Hand Breaded Fried Chicken
Roast Beef in our Housemade Gravy
Fresh Polish Sausage garnished with gently sautéed onions
Housemade Sauerkraut
Hand Rolled  Housemade Dumplings
Real Mashed Potatoes with Gravy on the Side
Vegetable of the Day

Starter: Housemade Chicken Noodle Soup ……$2.99/person
Dessert: Our very Own Housemade Kolaczki ……$2.99/person
Consumption Bar (Bar Tab – host pays for the drinks)

Case Study
When we first opened many years ago, we had the honor of hosting a funeral luncheon for a four year old girl who had died from Leukemia.  The family estimated about 80 attendees based upon the size of their family and close friends. 

On the morning of the funeral, before leaving for Mass, the funeral director calls us with a count of


during the Closing Prayers.  We received a second phone call from the Funeral Director letting us know that the Church was packed.  They easily had

                               250 at CHURCH

So we ramped up production in the kitchen, called in additional staff and we were ready for the 250.  After all was said and done, only the 80 people that started with the family AT THE FUNERAL HOME had followed through to the Mass, to the Cemetery and finally for a Proper Closure for the Funeral Luncheon.  The other 170 people simply went to the Mass to say good bye to a sweet little girl and to support the family in their time of grief.

This same scenario has occurred 99% of the time over the last 20+ years.  There is only one time where the seated count at the Funeral Luncheon far exceeded the count at the Funeral Home, AND the Mass.  It seems that an inconsiderate family unit didn’t want to be bothered with the healing ritual of the Service, Mass and Cemetery.

The “Take Away” from our experiences is that the number that start with your family at the Funeral Home is almost always the number that will end with you at the funeral luncheon.

Our Private Room Memorial Luncheons include…

  • Private room for two hours;
  • Linen dressed tables;
  • China, silverware, linen napkins; and
  • Dedicated serving staff
Funeral Directors Paper Copy - Same info as above

ITALIAN - CBS Comfort Menu $19.99/person
Beverages, Sales Taxes and Gratuities (Service Charges) are additional

Lemon & Herb Baked Chicken
Roast Beef Vesuvio
Fresh Italian Sausage garnished with peppers & onions
Mostaccioli Marinara
Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Gravy on the Side
Lemon Garlic Broccoli     

Starter: Housemade Chicken Noodle Soup…… $2.99/person
Dessert: Our very Own Housemade Cannoli…… $2.99/person
Consumption Bar (Bar Tab – host  pays for the drinks

Private Room
Family Style Memorial Luncheons

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Memorial Luncheons and funeral luncheons near Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago's Garfield Ridge neighborhood. Near suburbs of Berwyn, Cicero, North Riverside.

funeral luncheons and memorial luncheons near Resurrection Cemetery located in Chicago's 's Garfield Ridge neighborhood. Near suburbs of Berwyn, Cicero, North Riverside.

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