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Food Tastings…$30/person
If you are curious at the chef’s skill level to cook and serve your event, then Food Tastings should be done PRIOR to signing the contract for the venue AND in the same environment that you’ll be enjoying your meal.  That said, this is how we allow for Food Tastings to prospective Hosts:

  • We offer tastings of our food on evenings when an event is in progress. 
  • You will taste the menu for that evening.
  • You will be seated in an empty banquet room.
  • We will ask that you arrive at specific time so that you can taste the food as it is coming out of the ovens.
Example of Bold color table linen with complimenting chair cover color

  50-276 Guests
  Peak Pricing $49*
  Off-Peak Pricing $49*
 (upgrades listed below)

  • Private Room for 5 1/2 hours;
  • 72" Round Tables Dressed in White Standard Tablecloths;
  • House Centerpieces;
  • Choice of Prix Fixe Family Style Dinners:
    • Polish Americana Family Style Menu;
      • ​Soup: Chicken Noodle
      • Handbattered Fried Chicken, Roast Beef & Fresh Polish Sausage
      • Real Mashed Potatoes, Housemade Dumplings 
      • Housemade Sauerkraut, California Blend
      • Vanilla Ice Cream served with Coffee
    • Taste of Italy Family Style Menu;
      • ​Soup: Tomato Basil
      • Lemon & Herb Chicken, Roast Beef Vesuvio & Italian Sausage
      • Roasted Baby Red Potatoes, Mostaciolli Marinara
      • Lemon Garlic Broccoli, Gnocchi
      • Vanilla Ice Cream served with Coffee
  • Four Hour Open Bar with House Liquors, Select Wines and Beer;
  • China, Silverware, linen napkins; and
  • Servers and Bartender(s)

*Sales Taxes and Gratuities additional

Available Upgrades (Add to the above price of $55)
Chavari Chairs.....................................................$10/Chair
Chair Covers in Choice of Color;..........................$6/Chair
Floor Length Table Linens in Choice of Color...$40/table of 10

Customized Family Style Dinner......................$13/person
Branded Bar Upgrade........................................$6/person
Premium Bar Upgrade......................................$13/person
Passed Hors d'Oeuvres (selection of 4)..........$12/person
Decorated European Inspired Sweets Table...$12/person
Late Night Snack ............................................$12/person

Kings Table

Request a consultation

​​​All Prices are per person unless noted and subject to change if not enumerated in a signed Proposal
Sales Taxes and Gratuities (Service Charges) are additional

* available with Dinner & Beverage Package
**available with Dinner Package

2024 Social Party Packages

So how much is it?

Short Answer:

$49*to $133* per person


Ala Carte Pricing




& Family









  • Family Style dining is where the food is served to each table in large platters & bowls where your guests pass the platters & bowls around the table and take what they like.
  • Plated dining is where the food is plated in the kitchen and brought to each guest.

  • Family Style Meal 

Includes Soup, 3 Entrées, 2 Starches, 2 Vegetables & Dessert


  • Prix Fix

  • Plated Meal

Includes Soup, Entrée, Starch, Vegetable & Dessert

  • Prime Rib

  • Chicken or Fish

Beverage Options**


  • Open Bar
Host pays one price for each guest's beverage consumption




  • Sparkling Wine Toast poured by our staff

  • 4 Hour Mimosa Bar (Shower Package Only)

  • Bar Tab
Charge for Each Bartender - Hosts pays for drinks ordered based on the following prices:$200

  • Soft Drinks (each)

  • House Drinks, Wine, Hamm's (each)

  • Branded Drinks, Domestic Bottled Beer (each)

  • Premium Drinks, Imported Bottled Beer (each)

Food Upgrades**

Your selection of 4 Passed Hors d’Oeuvres during the cocktail hour

Decorated European Inspired Sweets Table, includes 4 pieces of pastry for each guest on a beautifully decorated table with lights and risers

Late Night Snack

  • Your choice of Roasted Pig with accompaniments or
  • Jumbo Pizzas for each table.  The pizzas are purchased from a local family owned pizza parlor. We always support our neighboring small businesses)


Décor Options*

Chaivari Chairs (Gold, Silver, White, Fruitwood)

Chair Covers in choice of color with color coordinating sash

Floor Length Table Linens in your choice of color with coordinating napkin color

  • based on 10 guests per table

Service Options**


Cutting and Serving/Packaging of Client’s supplied cake

 Recommended Vendors:
​ DJ:
 Sound Solutions (773)331-4483

Photography, Video, etc.: 
 Jolie Images (847) 850–7052

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  50-276 Guests
  Peak Pricing $133*
  Off-Peak Pricing $133*

 * Sales Taxes and Gratuities additional

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